17 Apr

Faux Lithographs

It’s been a while since I’ve had access to a printing press, and I really miss it. However, that hasn’t stopped me from seeking out new ways to experiment with handmade printing. I recently came across the geli plate technique and have discovered a whole new world for creating very special monotypes. I love how versatile it is, allowing for the creation of various textures and expressive charcoal strokes. The final result reminds me of a genuine lithograph, which is why I’ve named this collection “Faux Litho”. The main theme of this collection is the secret garden, which is a part of my creative inspiration with flowers and gardens.

You can find some of them listed them on my website, you can also contact me and ask for the entire catalog.

16 Apr

Poetic Birds

Last year, I shared how memories fuel my art, and guess what? My bird collection follows that same vibe. It’s pretty amusing – I never planned to paint birds, but they just sort of popped up on my papers. Then, it hit me – it’s all about my mother. She adores birds, always lost in a dreamland watching them. It’s like she sees them in this pure, childlike way – noticing colors, spotting them everywhere. I can tell they move her, transport her to some far-off contemplative place, maybe into her own memories.

We’ve never really talked about it, but I’m sure her emotions somehow found their way into my paintings – a connection from another life.

These delicate vintage papers act like a gateway to old, secret stories we all carry inside. Every stroke on that aged paper brings back memories, seamlessly blending the past with these vibrant “Poetic Birds.”

These are original paintings on french vintage embroidery patterns dated 1906-1913, a treasure ! They are available on my website and for the very large sizes, they are available on my saatchi gallery. Please contact me if you want to see the entire catalog.

16 Feb

Thoughts about my art

I never describe my paintings or tend to explain them. But when I was making my last series, I contemplated a lot my intention and what drew me to paint the way I do and I came to the idea that all my work is inspired by memories. I remembered for example, how much I loved gardens but never had one of my own. Through the creative process, this became a journey into another reality in which I could express that longing in a poetic way. My paintings are like windows into an alternate universe, formed from images that re-created the past in a unique and beautiful way.

You can see more paintings like these in my section “Abstract Paintings”.

10 Feb

Love Letters – Abstract drawings on vintage paper

I have always been fascinated by old papers like letters, books or documents. They all seem to me to keep secrets and stories beyond what we can read in them. Some time ago I came across some vintage letters, a treasure ! When I started reading them I realized that they were actual love letters. I inmediately felt that I had to give them a second life and honour them.

The “Love Letters” series of drawings and paintings are brightly colored and abstractly painted. The painting’s playful and vibrant style allows them to express joy and pleasure while keeping the words somehow hidden. Each painting tells its own story within the confines of the paper. The letters still remain a secret, giving the viewer the opportunity to interpret the meaning on their own.

The bright and lively colors add an air of mystery and intrigue to the imagery and help express a new story in a poetic way.

I have prepared each letter a a separate painting, attaching them to a watercolor paper. They are coated with anti UV varnish to protect them from sun exposure (avoid to hang them on a wall that has direct sun light exposure all day). These are gouache paintings, acrylic or watercolor pencils and they are written in Spanish or French. You can find them in this section of my website.

Shipping is included in price. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

16 Jan

An Original Art Journal

I am painting in a very interesting typographical book that I found abandoned in a box. I am so happy that I was able to find a way to give this old book a new life, by repurposing it as my art journal. This vintage book serves as an expression for painting without fear of error. I experiment with colors and pencils by making small unintentional paintings.

You can see my art book in my instagram gallery and see my painting style here.

10 Jan

Remains Of That Morning – Paintings on paper

Any given morning turned into an abstract series of paintings. I take apparently meaningless moments and make them something sublime and special. I recreate life as if it exists in an alternate universe, finding that window through painting. I want my art to inspire others to see the world in new and different ways and to find the beauty and magic in everyday life.

I have always been fascinated by paper because it is not static. It changes all the time and mutates. This means that the work of art is also constantly changing. This is what makes paper so interesting to me. It is always in flux and never the same.

If you want to see the entire catalog with large paintings in this style, please contact me.

16 Nov

We Were All To Be Queens – Original Paintings on Wood

This is my new painting collection of original portraits on plywood.


“We Were All to be Queens” is a poem by Gabriela Mistral, a Chilean poet. As I was painting this series of portraits of women deep in their thoughts, I remembered this beautiful short poem written in 1938 related to FEMININE decision making. Although the poem is rather sad, I love the idea that despite the difficult circumstances of life, we should always have DREAMS that make us react and achieve the impossible.

My collection of imaginary characters aims to honor the secrets and experiences that we treasure in our ancestral memory. I want to create a MAGICAL REALITY around our memories because I realize that we all have a spiritual story to tell.





I think these paintings would look perfect as a set. You could image and create a unique story by placing them together!

The paintings shown here are 21cm x 29cm (8′ x 11′) small original paintings on plywood. With a unique hand-made tray frame they stand out enormously on a plain wall.

They are available here in my website and in my Etsy shop.

11 Jul

Personalized Illustrations

I’ve been working on a project that I had in mind for a long time: I started drawing some fun custom illustrations! It is different from what I often do so I have created a new website and brand called INVISIBLE FRIENDS, take a look! A personalized illustration portrait is the perfect gift to make your friends and family smile! These unique personalized drawings are handmade, scanned and ready to print. Get yours!
I am also accepting commissions and collaborations. You can also find me on Instagram with these illustrations with a touch of humor 😉


20 Nov

Differences between digital and original art prints

How to see the difference between DIGITAL printmaking and ORIGINAL art prints?

With the appearance of digital reproductions within art, we can confuse a handmade piece with a digital one. This happens especially within the world of printmaking, since both techniques generate editions or “copies”.

For me there is only one type of PRINTMAKING, the artisan one! An original printmaking is a handmade craft work. It means that a matrix is carefully made and one or more copies are hand printed from it. Digital impressions, on the other hand, are made by a printer based on a computer image (which can be either a copy of one of our original works, or an image created entirely on the computer) and which is automatically printed without variation. Because it is now possible to make printed editions on a printer, we also speak of digital printmaking. But for me it’s a completely different technique that should not be called printmaking art.

Let’s see some NOTABLE DIFFERENCES that you can see between a hand-print and a digital print:

Textures: if you gently touch the image, you will feel a TEXTURE. In certain engravings or etchings a slight texture or relief can be appreciated due to the pressure of the press on the paper. In digital prints it does not exist.

Mark of the plate on the paper (in the original prints where you can see a border around the image): If you are not sure if it is an original or a digital copy, turn it over and look at its back, you will notice that there is a relief that frames the image. It is the matrix of the print. In digital prints it does not exist.

Edition differences: If you have the opportunity to see several copies at the same time, you will notice that in the original edition there may be certain differences between one copy and another. In the digital edition copies they are all exactly the same.

Price: Being an original copy made by hand, original printmaking tends to be more expensive than digital ones.

Digital reproductions are a very valuable tool for artists, since they allow us to reproduce photographs of our own works, when we do not want to expose or sell the original. I am old fashioned, and I think craftsmanship has a soul and a life of its own thanks to all the manual process behind it… I think it is essential to know the differences in order to better appreciate and understand a work on paper.

And you, do you notice these differences?