16 Nov

We Were All To Be Queens – Original Paintings on Wood

This is my new painting collection of original portraits on plywood.


“We Were All to be Queens” is a poem by Gabriela Mistral, a Chilean poet. As I was painting this series of portraits of women deep in their thoughts, I remembered this beautiful short poem written in 1938 related to FEMININE decision making. Although the poem is rather sad, I love the idea that despite the difficult circumstances of life, we should always have DREAMS that make us react and achieve the impossible.

My collection of imaginary characters aims to honor the secrets and experiences that we treasure in our ancestral memory. I want to create a MAGICAL REALITY around our memories because I realize that we all have a spiritual story to tell.





I think these paintings would look perfect as a set. You could image and create a unique story by placing them together!

The paintings shown here are 21cm x 29cm (8′ x 11′) small original paintings on plywood. With a unique hand-made tray frame they stand out enormously on a plain wall.

They are available here in my website and in my Etsy shop.

11 Jul

Personalized Illustrations

I’ve been working on a project that I had in mind for a long time: I started drawing some fun custom illustrations! It is different from what I often do so I have created a new website and brand called INVISIBLE FRIENDS, take a look! A personalized illustration portrait is the perfect gift to make your friends and family smile! These unique personalized drawings are handmade, scanned and ready to print. Get yours!
I am also accepting commissions and collaborations. You can also find me on Instagram with these illustrations with a touch of humor 😉


20 Nov

Differences between digital and original art prints

How to see the difference between DIGITAL printmaking and ORIGINAL art prints?

With the appearance of digital reproductions within art, we can confuse a handmade piece with a digital one. This happens especially within the world of printmaking, since both techniques generate editions or “copies”.

For me there is only one type of PRINTMAKING, the artisan one! An original printmaking is a handmade craft work. It means that a matrix is carefully made and one or more copies are hand printed from it. Digital impressions, on the other hand, are made by a printer based on a computer image (which can be either a copy of one of our original works, or an image created entirely on the computer) and which is automatically printed without variation. Because it is now possible to make printed editions on a printer, we also speak of digital printmaking. But for me it’s a completely different technique that should not be called printmaking art.

Let’s see some NOTABLE DIFFERENCES that you can see between a hand-print and a digital print:

Textures: if you gently touch the image, you will feel a TEXTURE. In certain engravings or etchings a slight texture or relief can be appreciated due to the pressure of the press on the paper. In digital prints it does not exist.

Mark of the plate on the paper (in the original prints where you can see a border around the image): If you are not sure if it is an original or a digital copy, turn it over and look at its back, you will notice that there is a relief that frames the image. It is the matrix of the print. In digital prints it does not exist.

Edition differences: If you have the opportunity to see several copies at the same time, you will notice that in the original edition there may be certain differences between one copy and another. In the digital edition copies they are all exactly the same.

Price: Being an original copy made by hand, original printmaking tends to be more expensive than digital ones.

Digital reproductions are a very valuable tool for artists, since they allow us to reproduce photographs of our own works, when we do not want to expose or sell the original. I am old fashioned, and I think craftsmanship has a soul and a life of its own thanks to all the manual process behind it… I think it is essential to know the differences in order to better appreciate and understand a work on paper.

And you, do you notice these differences?

18 Jul

Stylish Black and White Decor

There’s something special about black and white. I love their sobriety and simplicity, yet they are strong and powerful. How to ADD STYLE to your decor with black and white? What we can do with these two colors is endless and I want to share with you ten beautiful products that can add a dramatic effect in your decor!


1. Adhesive wallpaper by RemovableWallpapers.

2.  Decorative cloud pillow by ProstoConcept.

3. Origami table lamp by TedzukuriAtelier.

4. Bath mat by AhavtiLifeStyle.

5. Paper bags by AgiandtheWind.

6. Mini ceramic cat by DodoToucan.

7. Shower courtain by OJPGallery.

8. Coctail chair from 1970 by updatechair.

9. Chess board by Redrook3D.

10. Original abstract painting by me!  You can see the entire collection here.



11 Jun

The ultimate CMYK colors gift guide

I want to share with you my ultimate gift guide in CMYK, where you can find some very CREATIVE ways to use CMYK colors! But first, what is CMYK?CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black and is the color profile used in offset printing for full color documents.
The four-color mixture printing process uses four printing plates; one for cyan, one for magenta, one for yellow, and one for black. When the colors are combined on paper (they are actually printed as SMALL DOTS), the human eye sees the final composite image with different color combinations (adding equal amounts of pure cyan, magenta, and yellow should produce black). Everything we see printed on paper is normally created with these 4 colors, amazing isn’t it?

These colors can be also used separately as a fun and bold combination as we can see on some great products that I have found online:

1. Cufflinks made with original LEGO® bricks by Agabag.

2. An original abstract painting made by me! Check the entire collection here.

3. Illustrations by Mauresa Mitchell.

4. Four notebook pack, by Notebloc.

5. Stylish wood necklace, by Paragraphloop.

6. Downloadable art print by Denisa Viková.

7. Tote bag designed by Kimchikawaii.

8. Crocheted coasters by Amanda Suckling.

9. CMYK Photo Booth by Orange Photography.

10. Phantom enamel pin by Paul Johns.



17 May

My Creative Life

I really like to read about the “normal” life of artists and to see that every daily experience that seems trivial to them has become part of their creative development, leading them to express art in one way or another. After all, creativity comes from the most unexpected sources. Creativity is everywhere!

This is my story so far:

CHILDHOOD: I did not study much at school, but I always passed everything. I watched a lot of black and white TV and played non stop with my sister (oh yes, Chile in the 70s. That should be another blog post).

UNIVERSITY: I studied graphic design, thinking it was more like art but at that time, computers took over and I didn’t like using computers at all. I realized that my thing was actually artistic work using my hands.

At that time I also made my first abstract paintings – wild and strange creations with hand-made paper -. I devoted myself completely to experimenting with that for a long time and I even wrote a small thesis about the artisan work in design (spoiler alert: a very bad one).

AFTER UNI: I worked as graphic designer with computers, hated it. Quit. Traveled a lot. Arrived in Barcelona and fell in love with someone at the same time as with printmaking. Awesome times!

Then came the day when I signed up for a printmaking course for a few months and when I entered the workshop for the first time, I simply felt that this was my place! Clara Oliva would become my teacher for many years, and to her I owe everything I know in printmaking as well as in expressing myself graphically through abstracts. Several years later, I had a hard time making the decision to go to a workshop on my own and get away from her expertise. I could never separate completely: until last year I was still going to her workshop to do aquatints, methodical and precise technique that contrasts and complements my more improvised and chaotic way of working.

THE STUDIO IN BARCELONA: I left my teacher’s studio and started by myself in a gorgeous old workshop that I shared with other artists. Prolific times developing my work and experimenting with different techniques, work styles, formats and colors.

I generated some great bodies of work and some very bad. I did courses, open workshops and participated in many competitions that allowed me to exhibit my prints at Krakow Triennial in Poland, Guanlan Prints in China and many others. I started selling online.

TODAY: I have less certainty than when I was 20, but I definitely prefer this. I no longer have a printmaking studio due to a slow-life change: I moved from the city life of Barcelona to a small village in South of France. Now I only have a small desk and I have dedicated myself to making illustrations and small paintings. Adapting to working online for my store and website has been quite difficult: the online art world seems a bit false and pretentious to me, but I have to adapt and manage to stand out with honest works. I miss my print studio, but to be honest, not as much as I would have believed it because I found painting! The result was very daring and elegant within so many spots and brushstrokes, I will continue working on it!


19 Apr

Black and White Wall Decor

What is it that makes black and white abstract paintings so captivating?

I love monochrome paintings because they seem to hide something, they are mysterious pieces of art! Let’s see why:
Black and white are silent colors with a strong personality. They have a lot to say….
They are dramatic, all the time searching for that perfect “ying and yang” balance…
They are elegant, they are always dressed for a party…
They are modest and ready to make any design perfectly restrained…
They are like discreet people, saying a lot only by the look in their eyes…

Do you agree?




I painted this series on paper and they are available on my website, my Etsy Shop and my Saatchi Gallery.


18 Apr

Primary Colors Paintings

I love CMYK colors, I think it is such a cheerful palette to play with. To create this series of abstract paintings first I placed one color at a time and waited for the result, it was fun! These colors illuminate, give life, contrast and movement. It is amazing to create so much energy with only a few colors, they have a personality of their own and not only “just to print something” as we normally see them.

What do you think about this bold color combination?

These paintings are also available in my Etsy Shop and my Saatchi Online Gallery.

17 Apr

A Liberating Brushstroke

I have only a desk as a studio nowadays where I’m painting in quite small sizes and also doing a lot of abstract art journal drawings. I miss my former printmaking studio! But a few months ago I had the chance to use for a short period of time an old house who was going to be entirely renovated. That meant that I was able to do anything on it: paint walls, floors, cleaning brushes anywhere, spill paint all over without control. It was … LIBERATING!

I painted a lot in very large formats for the first time. I felt like creating without control and without searching a specific purpose: the place was the perfect chaos that for many years I was trying to control. No boundaries, no meaning, no titles, no right or wrong to the art world. Experimenting with all kinds of mixtures and colors made me aware that those abstracts are the perfect contrast in my life: I do not dare with a lot of “domestic-real” things everyday, but I can really be bold with painting. I felt I could experience that abstract art is about passion, courage and emotions that become real through colors and textures.

I loved the result, it was very daring and elegant within so many spills and brushstrokes! I called them “Color Studies” because I just picked a color I liked and started to interact with paper until they turned into a cohesive body of work, both colorful and monochrome.

What liberating thing have you done recently?