11 Jul

Personalized Illustrations

I’ve been working on a project that I had in mind for a long time: I started drawing some fun custom illustrations! It is different from what I often do so I have created a new website and brand called INVISIBLE FRIENDS, take a look! A personalized illustration portrait is the perfect gift to make your friends and family smile! These unique personalized drawings are handmade, scanned and ready to print. Get yours!
I am also accepting commissions and collaborations. You can also find me on Instagram with these illustrations with a touch of humor 😉


06 Apr

Hand painted vintage photography

Look what I’ve found at the flea market! Hundreds of black and white pictures. I immediately started to IMAGINE who these people were, where they came from..I gave them a new life by putting color to these memories. They look like tiny figurative portraits, don’t you think? You can see them on my instagram feed or find some printable versions in my etsy SHOP and on my website.