• What are original prints?
  • What are digital prints?
  • Do you sign and number every work?
  • Do you take commissions?
  • Have you exhibited your work?
  • Can I buy your work other than your website?
  • Do you offer discounts?
  • Do you make collaborations?
  • What are your terms and conditions?
  • Is it safe to buy on this site?
  • Can I contact you in another language?
Original prints are paper artwork pieces that have been hand-printed with a press. It is a very long process that requires a lot of patience and skill. Basically, you prepare a matrix plate made of metal, wood or plastic, you ink it and then you transfer it onto paper as many times as you want. There are several techniques to make original prints, but all of them require a lot of hard work! You have to prepare the plates, make proofs, prepare the paper and the viscosity of the inks, etc. You can read about this magic process HERE.
Digital prints are reproductions of an original drawing or painting. I use this method for my drawings on journals and my illustrations on paper because there is no other way to show them. I print with laser on uncoated textured paper and the result is very similar to the original. If you are looking for another printing technique such as ink giclée, please contact me. You can grab a free sample of my artwork HERE.
All my original printmaking work is signed and numbered on the front. The number indicates the print run or copies that I hand-printed of each piece. My editions are very small, which makes every work very exclusive. Digital prints are signed but not numbered because they are open editions, which means I print on demand and I do not know how many of them I am going to reproduce. To me, reproductions prints are not part of printmaking techniques, but a different media. You can grab a sample of my artwork HERE.
Yes I do! let’s talk about it.
Yes I have! I have been participating in printmaking competitions around the world since 2010 and I have been selected many times to be part of those prestigious collective exhibitions. You can download my CV here. 
Yes, I have an Etsy shop and a Saatchi Gallery with exclusive artwork. You can also visit my custom illustration website:  Invisible Friends.
You benefit of immediate free shipping for purchases on this website and on my ETSY SHOP.  Stay connected with my monthly newsletter, it arrives with a special discount only for subscribers in every new issue.
I would love to know your idea. Let’s make a collaboration project! Contact me anytime.
Before buying, you can read all about the terms and conditions HERE.
Yes. This is a wordpress-woocommerce integration. You can read the privacy policy HERE.
Sure! one of my hobby is learning expressions and words in many languages 😉 Please contact me in Spanish, English, French or Italian and communication will be perfect!