16 Apr

Poetic Birds

Last year, I shared how memories fuel my art, and guess what? My bird collection follows that same vibe. It’s pretty amusing – I never planned to paint birds, but they just sort of popped up on my papers. Then, it hit me – it’s all about my mother. She adores birds, always lost in a dreamland watching them. It’s like she sees them in this pure, childlike way – noticing colors, spotting them everywhere. I can tell they move her, transport her to some far-off contemplative place, maybe into her own memories.

We’ve never really talked about it, but I’m sure her emotions somehow found their way into my paintings – a connection from another life.

These delicate vintage papers act like a gateway to old, secret stories we all carry inside. Every stroke on that aged paper brings back memories, seamlessly blending the past with these vibrant “Poetic Birds.”

These are original paintings on french vintage embroidery patterns dated 1906-1913, a treasure ! They are available on my website and for the very large sizes, they are available on my saatchi gallery. Please contact me if you want to see the entire catalog.